Our works

- Survey works for designing rehabilitation of irrigation
network (cca 250 km) – 1 : 2000, 1 : 500 scale;
- Cadastral survey works - Registration of 13700 land plots in 5 localities;
- Resettlement Action Plan Update, Verification, And
Implementation For The Centralized Irrigation Systems
Rehabilitation Activities for 8 systems – more than 9 000
land owners have signed land use agreements;
- Cadastral survey of buildings - Cadastral survey of more
than 450 buildings for the registration in the State Cadastral registry of the Republic of Moldova;

- Topographic surveys 1 : 500 for reconstruction of the
110/35/10 medium voltage switchgears – topographic
plans of 18 Electric Station have been completed by our
- Collecting field data for state register of hydro-technical
heritage in the Prut-Danube-Black Sea and Nistru district
area” – field surveys of more than 4,000 dams and
completion of the Register with field data;

- Topographic services for the construction of Ungheni-
Chișinău gas pipeline – field surveys for the 60 km of the
- Drone mapping of Dubasarii Vechi locality – 420 ha;
- Drone mapping of Chisinau city Centre - 600 ha;




         As we build with our clients a stronger partnership together, we fully recognize that their support and the trust that they place in us is the foundation of our success. Our clients are at the center of everything we do and we will work tirelessly towards ensuring that we meet and exceed their expectations in a fair and responsible way.
         Our mission is to provide our clients high quality products and services in the spatial data management domain, provide new and unique technologies, including modern technology with software UAS performance data processing.